Sunday, October 31, 2010

It was very cool this morning. 44F when I got up. This will not be our Low though. Our Low tonight will be 39F. Our High today will be 64F. We will have Partly cloudy skies with winds from the West Northwest at 10 to 15MPH. The relative humidity is 81% with a Dew Point of 41F.Our chance for rain is 0%. The Barometer is 29.86 and falling. The Sunrise came this morning at 7:31 and will set this evening at 6:08PM.

I was up at 5:30AM, came into the studio and pulled up some Barred Owl Calls on the computer. He/She came in and crossed the yard traveling North to South. I had hoped he/she would perch in the Osprey Tree, so that I might get a photo. No luck. I shot the sunrise and took a short walk looking for him/her. I could hear one quite a bit off in the distance, but saw no Owl. Maybe tomorrow.

Jess is going to collect the kids today. It is Trick-or-Treat tonight, so they must go collect their goodies. For me, noone ever comes down here. It is spooky down here under normal circumstances. No chance we will get any trick or treaters. Not since we had two little girls living at the end of the road back in 2002 have we had any Trick-or-Treaters. There are no children in this neighborhood.

Yesterday I pulled down the Martin House and did some change of season housekeeping. As I had stated, out of 14 compartments, 4 had nests. Of the four nests, one had a complete egg, infertile no doubt, and one had egg fragments indicating a successful hatch. Additionally, I cleaned, painted, and sealed up a Bluebird Nesting Box that had been attached to a Pecan tree, and relocated it to the Martin House Pole. Well, this morning Sherry came into the Studio and informed me the the Bluebirds were all over the Martin House and the Bluebird Box, going in and out of the compartments, and staking their claims. I went quickly to see, and lo-and-behold, indeed the Bluebirds were in fact all over the nesting boxes. It gave me great pleasure to know my hard work was appreciated!

Killian Scores Again! And so does Madison!
I was working away in the studio, and Killian came and asked if I would take him "arrow huntin' ". I agreed, and Madison asked if she could please come along. Off we went, Killian, Madison, The Blue Dog and me. As soon as we picked a line (the most recently washed tide line) we all
started down. First I found a rough blade, hardly worked. Madison found the twin to mine immediately there after. I than found a very nice black obsidian (or a black chert) and Madison found a broken bottom half. Killian was really getting frustrated. I reminded him he had the mother of all projectile points when, BANG! he hit a beautiful quartz bird point! I walked another two feet and found a very nice, very clean two tone granite. Unfortunately, a corner had been broken off. We continued to find chips, flakes, scrapers, and mother stones, but no more points. We went back to the house and showed Sherry, who immediately wanted to know the who, what, when, where, how of the find. I guess she will be off, as soon as her work is done. Together, we have found 9 nice points, in the past three days.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Killian's Big Find! Wow, this Indian Arrowhead is Huge!

We had cold air move in over us last night. A frost warning was in effect inland. Out here of the river, we stayed above the mark. Today we will have a mix of sunshine and clouds. Our High will only reach 62F., while our Low will go down to the upper 40's. Our Barometer is steady at 30.24, and the wind has clocked around to the Southwest. Today it will blow at 10 to 15MPH which is much lighter than the last two days. I suspect the low tides of yesterday and the day before are gone for now, and we are back to our regular tide. Our Sunrise came at 7:30AM and our Sunset will occur at 6:09 PM this evening.

I was up before dawn, and checked the "osprey tree" to see if the Eagle had taken during the night. I should have taken my camera, because there was a Barred Owl sitting on a perch. I went for the camera, and just as I got back to the door, the owl swept down on an unsuspecting squirrel. The Owl missed, as did I. I am coming to understanb it is not so much the photos you get as it is the photos you don't get that are the most bothersome.

We have the kids. They came in last evening, after a ghost walk at the Point Lookout Prison of War camp. This morning Sherry fixed the best fresh eggs, country bacon, and jelly toast. The kids finished up breakfast and headed down to Elm Point Beach for some Indian Arrowhead hunting. Killian got The Biggest Point I have ever seen. He found this in an area that Sherry and I passed over no less than two times yesterday. Wow! What a point.

I returned to the house, and took down the Martin House, cleaned it out, painted it, and generally got it ready for the next generation of Martins. I did likewise with the bluebird house, and hung it up on the Martin House Pole. One year this house became home to a family of flying squirrels. I hope by cleaning it up it will become home to the Bluebirds.

Sherry and the kids went over to Capt.Bill's & Ms. Emmy. I am going to patch the roof.