Thursday, September 30, 2010

We are in for some heavy weather today. Tropical Storm Nichole is slamming the east coast. Florida got socked yesterday, with over 10" in some areas. We will have the remains of this throughout the day, with winds Southeast at 20 to 30 mph. We are looking at over 2" of rain here. The Relative Humidity is 100% with a Dew Point at 72F. The Barometer is steady at 29.67. Our High today is 78F and our Low is 59F. The sun came up at 7AM sharp, and will set this evening under cloudy skies at 6:51PM. Thus far, here are the local warnings:
  • Route 244 in the area of Our Lady's Church is closed do to flooding, State Highway on the Scene
  • Power Outages for St. Mary's 1718 customers
  • Coastal Flood Advisory in effect until midnight EDT tonight...
    Wind Advisory in effect until 6 PM EDT this evening...
    Flash Flood Watch in effect through this evening...
    Tornado Watch 688 in effect until 1 PM EDT this afternoon..

Today is a big work day. We have to pull together the trailer, finish up the projects on the table, get the paperwork together for the accountant, tag & bag and load the truck, hook-up the RV and get over to Jess & John for our final briefing prior to their leaving for Maine. Wow, we are going to be busy today! I had better get started.

Got it all done. I am packed and ready for Lewes Del. The wind is steady at 25MPH and gusting to 45MPH. It is coming from the Southeast, but is clocking around to the East/Northeast. This could turn into a full blown Nor'easter.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We have a Blood Red sky this morning, so it looks as if we will have rain coming in sometime today. The Relative Humidity is 77% with a Dew Point of 54F. Our High today will only reach 70F and our Low is at 64F. The Barometric Pressure is 29.94 and steady. Our chance of rain is 70% with calm winds. The Sun came up this morning at 6:59AM and will set this evening at 6:52PM.

I got my early morning call from Sherry. It sounds as if Sherry & Ms.Emmy had a good time last evening, dining in the Hotel Restaurant and enjoying the life of the Big City. They are up early, and ready to head over to the Hospital to check on Capt.Bill. I am to collect them at 11AM.
I began my day with some shots on the river. I had a big Blue Heron in the Osprey tree, but was unable to get a good shot. After the Heron left for the fish net, a nice sized Bald Eagle landed. Again, not enough light to get the good shot. I did get shots of other eagles on the river though, so it was a productive morning. The Sunrise was less than spectacular. Cloud cover prevented a good sunrise, but the colors were pretty intense. I will try again tomorrow.

I have the better part of two Wright Transoms in Fire foiled up and ready. I have some cutting, and a little more grinding, fitting and foiling before I am set to jig-up, but the lions share of the work is complete. I would like to have these ready for the Delaware show this weekend. I will have to work this one alone, as Jess & John are off to Maine, and Sherry has the kids.
Well, it is time to get ready for my trip to the City.

I collected Capt.Bill, Ms. Emmy & Sherry at 11:20AM. The pick-up went without a hitch. Capt.Bill looked none the worst for wear. We arrived in Coltons' Point at 1:20PM, got the Sonntag's settled in and headed back home to get back to our glass projects. It is wonderful to see Sherry. I miss her dearly when she is away, but it is necessary, as Capt.Bill & Ms.Emmy are ill equipped to deal with the problems / logistics associated with heart surgery. She is a great daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Sonntag, and a great wife to me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We awoke at 4AM to showers and 30MPH winds. It is said to be clearing this afternoon, with Highs in the upper 70'sF and Lows tonight in the upper 50'sF. There is a bit of the Fall weather in the air this morning. Our Relative Humidity is at 100% and the dew point is 70F, so rain is likely. The Barometer is holding steady at 29.69 with winds from the South at 10 to 20mph. The Sunrise came at 6:58 and will set at 6:54.

We collected Capt.Bill & Ms. Emmy this morning at 5:30am and headed off to the George Washington University Medical Center for Capt. Bills heart surgery. He is scheduled to have an 11AM procedure in which he will receive a pace maker and defibrillator. The ride went well in heavy traffic and wet roads, and we arrived in plenty of time at 8AM sharp. I dropped everyone off at the front door, and headed home. Sherry called at 9:30 to say they had taken Bill off for prep. They are still trying to solve the sleeping arrangements, ie: hotel or private room but expect to have a decision by the time they take Capt.Bill in.

For myself, I intend cleaning up my studio, and getting to work on the last of my commissions, ie: Larry R, and Colbertson. Once completed, it should be clear sailing into November. I might put this off until the following week, as I am in the mood to paint a little, and begin a new project I have in mind to do. We shall see.
Here is the next Pecan Point Heron I am painting up and getting ready for the kiln. I would like to get this done today, so I can continue work on the panel tomorrow.

Great News this afternoon: Capt.Bill went in to surgery at 11:00AM and was out by 1:00PM. Everything went wonderfully! He was in ICU for a short period, and then straight back to his room. He was up and eating by Dinner time. Sherry and Ms.Emmy got a room at a really swank downtown hotel. I looks as if everything is going to be great. I am to go up tomorrow and collect them for their trip back home. It looks as if Capt.Bill will be out tomorrow at 11AM!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Here is a shot of God's Hand with the sun rising out of the Atlantic.
I was up every morning on the boardwalk to watch the sunup. It really was magnificent!
The Bottle Nosed Dolphins were all over the ocean when we were showing at Virginia Beach. It is difficult to get a good shot in the bright sunlight, as my Canon Camera does not have a view finder. So I just point and keep clicking. Out of a dozen shots, I came away with two 'keepers', this one of a mother and baby...

...and this one of a dolphin chasing a lunch. You can see the fish has been driven out of the water, and is airborne in front of the dolphin! I love to watch these creatures!
Here is a shot of our setup, with the Pecan Point Heron in the back. The Heron sold at the end of the show on Sunday.

The Blue Dog takes an early morning break from our walk on the beach.

Rain showers this morning, with thunderstorms developing during the afternoon. A few storms are predicted to be severe. Our High today is going to be 77F and our Low tonight will be 69F. Winds will come out of the Southeast at 10 to 15, gusting during thunderstorms. Our chance of rain is 80%. The Barometric Pressure is steady at 29.90 millibars and the dew point stands at 72F. Our Sunrise this morning under cloudy skies is 6:58 and Sunset will come at 6:55PM.

We arrived home late last night at near midnight, exhausted from driving straight through in the rain.. The show closed an hour early, as the rains came in. We began packing at about 5PM and were out of town by 8PM,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Right Now




  • 81 °
  • Partly Cloudy

Feels Like
Relative Humidity
Dew Point
10.00 Miles
UV Index
0 Low
Wind Speed
S 8 mph


Isolated thunderstorms this evening with a few showers possible overnight. Low 69F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

88 High

69 Low

30 %

Sunrise Sunset
6:54 AM
Here are some shots that Nancy took of the Palmdale property, and sent them to us. I do not know what the top photo is, but we are all the more anxious to get to Palmdale to find out. Some exotic no doubt, planted last winter. The next photo down, and the one following are Sherry's Orchid. It is good to see it is surviving and thriving in sunny south Florida.

The Photo below is the Dutchman's Pipe. A very interesting flower, the butterflies love this one.

Above is a Dutchman's Pipe that has not yet opened.
Here is Sherry's Bird of Paradise. I wish we were there to see this.
Sherry's Papaya's have made an impressive come back, following last winters killing frosts.
Even the bananas look good!

A not so great sales day today. This is two bad weeks in a row. We can not suffer much more of this. We did pick up some good commission work though, so we shall see. Maybe tomorrow. We could not have asked for better weather. The crowds were great, but as one artist put it, it is the "Redneck Riviera". There is no money here this time of year. We will give it tomorrow, and hope for the best.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here is a "circles & arrows" panel I just finished. The panel consists of silver stained beveled boarder, silver stained dichroic glue chip in gold/blue, and a polished dichroic rondel with a textured silver stained surround glass. A really nice transom that will make a nice addition to our inventory.
I got some shots of a pair of Bald Eagles in the loblolly pine over at Jeff & Tammy's.

They were being pretty noisy, and it was easy to locate them for these shots.

Happy Autumnal Equinox everyone! The first day of Fall! Say good-by to the hazy, hot, humid days of summer. Today we will have sunshine and some afternoon clouds. Our Hight today is 89F and our Low tonight is 67F. Our winds will be out of the South/Southwest at 10 to 15 MPH. The relative humidity is 68% and the dew point is 59F. The barometric pressure is steady at 30.13. Our sunrise will come at 6:53AM and the sun will set this first day of Fall at 7:03. Our chance of rain is 10%.

This morning I will continue with my paperwork tasks. This is more than a little painful, as I have begun painting, and I must stop, in order to address this a dammed accounting! I will force myself to work on this until noon, at which time I am going to do some glass work.

Sherry continues to work away in her studio. She is replacing inventory from ArtFest (not much there) and preparing inventory for this coming weekend at Neptune. Additionally, she has to prep Fat Forrest, prepare food and complete her glass projets. She is such a worker, and lately I have been such a bear to be around (this paperwork has me in a mood, and I honestly do not know how she puts up with me). I appreciate all that she does. I could not make it in this world without her!

Well, time to get started.

All Done! It looks as if we will be pulling out this evening at around 7PM. That should put us on the beach at around mid-night. Perfect! Tomorrow my client comes for their commission, we set up, and I get to do some more book work errrrrr! Well, back to packing, and we are off!