Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today we had some clouds with a High of 82F and a Low of 63F. The winds were light at 5 to 10mph out of the East/Southeast. The Relative Humidity is 88% and the dew point 66F. The barometer stands at 30.11 and is still holding. The sunrise came at 6:54am and it set this evening at 5:28pm. The weather is changing. We are due for a cold front to come through in the next day or two. Temperatures are predicted to drop on average 20 degrees, with winds blowing 20 to 25 mph! I am looking forward to the change.

I was up this morning at 5AM. I wrote Mary a Happy Birthday message on her Facebook:

"It was, it seems, a long time ago, when I stood in Georgetown Hospital, and watched as you came into the world. You were a beautiful sight to me. I was greatly gladdened to see you arrive safely. You can not imagine the worry we had, waiting for you to get here. Other than the soap bars in the toilet (which caused me to dig up the entire septic system) and pulling the hat tree over on top of you and breaking it into 20 different pieces (this was the Christmas of your third year), you were never ever any trouble to me. You have been a great kid Mary, and I am proud beyond belief of the woman you have become. I love you. I miss you. I still worry after you. I hope your day is a blessed one. I pray for you always, everyday, several times a day, for your safety and your happiness. I hope you can be happy, and I hope you have a Happy Birthday! I love you.......Daddy" .

Than I wrote her a Happy Birthday email, and I sent her a Happy Birthday text message. She is a great kid, and I hope she had a safe and Happy Birthday. I will call tonight, at around 9pm EST to see how her day went. I am hoping to catch her before she goes out for the evening.

Last night we found a Kennel for sale on Craig's List. We called this morning at 8AM. The Kennel was located in Leigh High Acres, and the owner was willing to get off the price a little (we had priced a 10X10X6 at $450.00). We ended getting this 12 X 12 X 6 kennel for a buck fifty. So, I unloaded the truck, and off we went. We spent some time chasing down a chicken supplier (which we finally found), picked up some hog feed, and stopped for lunch and some shopping at Walmart. I got some sets for the garden, picked up some lime and a bag of fertilizer.

At around 1PM we got to the kennel. It required some disassembling, and some materials will be necessary to make the proper repairs, but it is a good kennel, and a good deal. We stopped and picked up most of the repair materials at the Tru-Value in Labelle, and headed back to Palmdale. Once here, I off loaded the kennel, made repairs, and assembled three of the four sides. I can not go further until I have two additional corner brackets.

Once finished for the evening on the kennel, I went straight for the raised beds. I fertilized utilizing some pot ash, lime, and 4-6-8 fertilizer. I mixed this in really good, installed the drip irrigation system, and covered with "black mulch". Tomorrow I will plant the starts I purchased today, as well as the starts I started when we arrived on November 15th. So this year, we will have our garden, our chickens, and our hog.

Tomorrow I have to build the coop, bury the kennel 6" in the ground. put on a wire top, and build a divider down the center of the pen (half for the hog, half for the chickens). I also have to get the 'hav-a-heart' live trap out, and get it up to speed. I will be trapping coons soon.

On Thursday we get our chickens, and our hog. I am really looking forward to this! We will have our own little Palmdale farmett. It is good to have projects, other than work, that allows me a distraction. I like chickens, and the resultant fresh eggs. I have never had a hog before, so this will be interesting. It should be an efficient use of our scraps, plus we have a huge acorn (or as they say here, A-kerns) crop this year, which is a good source of hog food. The build out of the coop will be fun. The last coop I build was with John Calvin last year. We threw one together over a two week-end period in the summer. It was a chicken coop and goat house all in one. Our coop is not going to get nearly as involved. We will only have two or three hens and a rooster, so we will have just a small nesting box, accessible from the outside of the pen. We will see. It is a project in progress. I have a structure at Todd's that will work, but it is so nice we are probably going to turn it into a garden shed. I will need to build a floor for this structure, so I will probably pick up the materials for this tomorrow along with the materials I need for the coop and the divider.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Today we had some clouds. Our High was 82F and our Low tonight will go down to 63F. The chance for rain was only 20%. Our relative humidity was 88% and our dew point was 66F. The barometer is 30.11 and steady. Our winds were light out of the East at 3mph. The Sunrise came at 6:54AM. The sun will set this evening at 5:28PM.

Blaine with one of his first Chain Pickerel. This (for a short time) garnered him the nick name "Pike".
Here is the Bass Blaine landed on his Cotton Contrill top lure, fishing a Zebco 202 on a graphite rod. I was very proud of the kid on this trip. He really had it down my now.
Not even rain, wet and cold could dampen his mood. This guy was always smiling!
"Pike" with another chain pickerel. For some reason, he loved catching these things.

I was up before dawn, writing a letter to someone near and dear to me. Someone I care very much for. Someone who is some danger. I write a lot of letters I never send. This one goes in the mail tomorrow, and it goes off with a prayer. I started work on The Blaine Reynolds Whorl Memorial Scholarship Fund 2011 Calendar (s). I was partially through one when Ethan & Kylie came by for a visit. We gave Ethan the predator game call gift we picked up at the Bass Pro Outdoor World this weekend. It is his birthday gift. He seemed to be pleased with it, but he is hard to read. I do not think he likes to get as much as he likes to give. Todd stopped in for a visit. I paid him up for the shell pad, and he delivered a truck load of good top soil for the raised beds. We filled two beds while we stood around talking.

Todd left, and Sherry headed off for town to do the weekly shopping. I went back at the calendars. I completed two by the time Sherry returned. We unloaded the car, and went for our evening walk. I wish I would have taken along my camera, as there was much to photograph. We walked the woods through the bottom to Todd & Nancy's. The path is clear, as Ethan uses it for his 4 wheeler path. We looked over Todd & Nancy's row garden and inspected the Hog pen. The piglets (sloats) are really cute, and it would be hard to put one to the knife, although I doubt Todd would have a problem with it. We visited for quite some time, said our good bye's and headed back across town. I am determined to build a pen, and get one of these little beauties. I discussed with Todd purchasing a fiberglass out building he has laying around his lay down area. He is not using this thing, and, if I can get it at a reasonable price, I can turn it into a garden shed/chicken coop. We shall see.

I received a parcel from an old friend today. I used to fish Lake Heritage in Gettysburg back in the 80's. Blaine was just a wee lad at the time. I would take him with and we would spend the weekend fishing together. He was but 4 or 5 at the time. I would always take photos of Blaine fishing, and of what he caught. Afterwards, I would write a 'Thank you' letter to Kevin. Well, Kevin kept these things all these long years. He saved them in a journal. Well today I got the photos and the letters I had sent. It was a very touching to read the letters, and relive these wonderful memories. I have included some of the photos here. I have often (of late) told the story of Blaine and me fishing along a point where we had been hitting good bass. A boat pulled up and we were talking about fish we where catching, where and how. The fellow in the other boat asked Blaine's age. "5" I replied. "Can he fish?" asked the other boat. I turned to Blaine and said "...Son, hit that piling..." at which time he took his Zebco 202 push botton with a Contrill Top Bait and cast at the pole. The lure hit the pole and fell to the water, at which point a HUGE bass hit the lure. Blaine landed the fish next to the boat where I easily netted it. Man, was I ever proud. The buttons nearly popped off my jacket, my chest had swelled so from pride at my boy's fishing abilities. Really great memories. I will scan and load the photos here. I owe Kevin a great debt of thanks for these small mementos. I have so few. I always thought I would have plenty of time to gather up a life times worth, but I was shorted by time. These mean all the more to me.

Here is the Letter, in full;
"September 26th, 1988

Dear Kevin,
Thanks for allowing Blaine, Bill and me the use of the cabin. Even though we were unable to connect with any lunkers, we all had a really great time on plenty of pounders. Small fish are better than no fish at all, and it really gave Blaine the chance to "get his feet wet" on fresh water. By the time Monday came around, he was casting like Roland Martin. Now it seems like a day doesn't go by that he won't ask when we're going back to Kevin's to fish. I think you can see by the photos just how happy he was to be there.
I can't tell you how much I appreciated the opportunity to take my son on that fishing trip. Raising kids is a lot like raising bird dogs, and although I haven't taken to putting cigars out in his nose,when he hard mouths or shooting him in the ass for hunting wide, I hope that the more time I spend with him, the better we'll know each other. Remember when Bud was a pup? He'd mess up a bit, but you always took him. Now you wouldn't think of going bird hunting without him. I guess it's the same with me & Blaine. I'll let him mess up a bit now, and later, well, maybe he'll take me. and who knows, maybe he'll take you along too.
Thanks again Kevin. It really was a great trip!

Your Friend,

I followed with a hand written PS, "Me & "Pike" Whorl, we'll be back up next month. Pike's looking to get a "wall hanger"! Hope he connects. See you than, S."

These are the memories that keep me going. These are the memories I cherish more than any possession.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today in Naples we will have partly cloudy morning skies giving way to clear skies in the afternoon. There is a 30% chance for a thunderstorm developing in the late afternoon. The High today is 82F. and the Low tonight will be in the 60F. The Relative Humidity is 77% and the dew point is 54F. The Barometer is steady at 30.10. Our winds are North at 5mph. The sunrise came at 6:53am and will set this afternoon at 5:28pm.

I slept in well past sunrise this morning. Sherry was up long before me, making coffee and getting ready for the day.

No great news this morning. Sherry called North. The weather is brutally cold. Judy got off, but is having some car problems. We are all to pray, and keep our fingers crossed she and her brood escape to
Georgia safely. Jess and John survived their fishing trip on the river. John lost an expensive umbrella rig, and caught no fish. This is why it is referred to as fishing.
Other than this, there is no more news from the cold North Lands. I have not heard from Mary Carrice since she landed at Dullas on Wednesday. I am beginning to get concerned. I will try her again today, and hope for the best. I pray she is doing well.
I am getting told it is time to get back to work.
Well, not exactly a stellar day for Classic Glass Studios. This is probably the worst Naples we have ever had. The crowd was down 50% and sales were off 90+%. Jimmy and Connie had a good day, and a flat artist sold at $6500 original, so some folks did all right. We did not. On the high side, Mary text me to let me know she was OK and was at the Redskins game. That was great news! Additionally, Richard Sullivan stopped by the show to say hello, and to extend his condolences. Richard is the Director of Boulderbrook Productions, and is a good friend. It was good to see him, and pleasant to spend a few minutes visiting.
We closed the show at 5PM and were packed up and on the road by 7PM. Connie left the show early to go and fetch her Mother Marge at the airport, and bring her back to the show for pack up. It was wonderful to see her. She is such a nice lady.
We passed through a number of heavy thunderstorms on the way in. We were hoping for heavy rains in Palmdale, but not materialized. We arrived home at 8:30PM, and are preparing for bed. Easy week this week. No inventory to replace, so I suppose we will begin work on the commission we took this weekend. For now, it is time to clean up and get in the bed.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cloudy with a few showers today. We will have a High of 82F. Our Low tonight will be 56F. Winds are West/Northwest at 5 to 10 mph. We have a 30% chance of rain. The Relative Humidity is 94% and the dew point is 68F. The barometer is steady at 30.03. The sun came up this morning at 6:52AM and will set this evening at 5:29PM..

I was up long before Sherry's alarm went off at 5AM. Bad dreams. I spent every sleeping moment looking for Blaine. The nightmare began with Blaine as a small child, about 4 or 5. We were at a Fair, or a Carnival. I am not certain. Blaine was wearing those bibbed coveralls that made his eyes look so blue. He was looking up at me, tugging on my pant leg, trying to get my attention. I was talking to someone, so I was ignoring Blaine. When finally I looked down, Blaine was gone. I had that "I've lost my child" panic in my chest. It was unnerving. I looked and looked and looked all night long and I could not find him. I was running here and there, looking looking looking and no Blaine. The distress was unbearable. I awoke exhausted, thankful it was just a dream, until I remembered...

Sherry and I started at it by 5:30AM. Set up was complete by 9AM. We took a nice commission order for delivery in January early in the morning. The three panels are very close to 9 square feet. Sales, on the other hand, are off 90% from last year. Wow, and we needed this one bad.

The show closed to abysmal sales. Anne Marie did point out two Frigate Birds high above the Naples Skyline though. That was the highlight of the afternoon. The evening was enjoyable. The Solomons, the Langfords, and Darrell all came over for dinner. Jimmy and Sherry cooked. It was excellent. The conversation was lively, the food was terrific and the night was beautiful. All in all it was great fun. Now, if I can have a dreamless night, and if we can sell some glass tomorrow, things might begin to be bearable. We will see.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Today in Palmdale we will have some scattered clouds with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm developing in the afternoon. Our High today will hit 84F, and our Low will go down to 55F. The chance of rain is 30%. Our relative humidity is 68% and our dew point is 54F. The barometer is steady at 30.09. Our winds are out of the North at 5mph. The sun came up this morning at 6:39am. I was still in the bed when this occurred, However, I do expect to be awake when the sun sets this evening at 5:34PM.

Jess called this morning at 4:30AM. She had a "Door Buster" TV and wanted to know if we wanted it. By the time we woke up and said "Yes", it was gone. Oh well. Maybe next year. We went immediately back to sleep.

Jimmy and Connie left last evening at around 7PM. It was a very pleasant day. I always enjoy their company. Sherry did a great job on the food. We took a nice walk around town after dessert. A really good time. We get to see them again this weekend. We will have dinner on Friday and again on Saturday. Connie's Mom arrives at the airport on Sunday, so we will probably help Jimmy pack up, so he can get home at a decent hour.

I received many many fine telephone calls last evening. Friends and Family checking in with me to make sure I was doing alright during the Holiday Season. It was very kind and thoughtful of them, and I thank them all. The calls continued into Friday morning, when George Bragg called to check on me. He is making sure I do not 'slip' and fall backwards, into aged old bad behaviors. It was very touching, his concerns. I received a very nice parcel from Jess in todays mail. She put together a photo album of Blaine, utilizing photos she got from Brinsfield, and others she pulled off of the internet. It was very thoughtful and kind of her. It made me cry buckets. It breaks my heart, to see him so young, so vibrant, so alive, and to think I will never see him again. If a heart could be re-broken, mine was. Heavens, how I miss him.

Sherry will do some Black Friday shopping today, on our way over to Naples. We will stop in Ft.Myers to accomplish this. Apparently, there are good deals to be had on this day. I do not know how I can compete with this, trying as I will to sell art glass the day after Black Friday. Having said that , we generally do well at the Naples show. I know we must stop at the Bass Pro Shop and pick up a predator call for Ethan's Birthday. This is, to me, priority number one.

Well, I am told we must be off. I still have packing to do and some studio housekeeping chores that must be completed. I am beginning to feel momentary jolts of happiness, just like before, when I was generally happy all of the time. They are mild, but I feel them. Maybe I am going to be alright.

We arrived in Naples at 1PM after an uneventful trip across the state. We stopped and did our shopping. First Walmart, and than Bass Pro. Ethan will get a very nice varmint calling kit for his birthday, and I got some much needed ammo (20ga Buck for Blaine's 870 Remington, and 410 Buck/BB for the Tarus Judge). Sherry was eying a Smith & Wesson 38 special (hammerless). She liked it but did not get it. Santa was taking notes. We arrived well in advance of everyone else, got Forrest set up and ready for the weekend. Jimmy & Connie showed up directly after we did. I parked Jimmy's truck for him across the way behind his booth so he did not have to make the long walk over and back (his foot is still giving him trouble). While I was doing this, Sherry & Connie went to the artist check-in. At 4PM we will begin our set up. Tonight we will entertain the Langfords with dinner. Good for them! They get to eat Sherry's Cuban Pork two nights in a row!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, and we will have abundant sunshine with a High temperature of 84F. Our Low tonight will reach only down to 61F. The relative humidity is 94% with a dew point of 54F. The barometer is steady at 30.07 and the chance of rain is 0%. The winds are light at 5 to 10 out of the Southeast. Our sunrise will come at 6:51AM and will set this evening at 5:29PM.

I am up early this morning, to begin to craft a letter long overdue, and to try and complete the last of the four "9" 's. I had best get started, as time is short, and the Langfords are due over this morning. I still have to wax and polish the work from yesterday, so it will be difficult to get all done.

I am certain I will be haunted today by the ghost of Thanksgiving Days past. I hope I can maintain my composure, and not become a teary eyed old fool. No one wants to be around that.
So, let's go and see what the day will bring.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The weather today in Palmdale is the same as it ever was. Mostly Sunny with a High of 83F and a Low of 59F. The chance for rain is 0%. The relative humidity is 94% and the dew point is 54F. The barometer is steady at 30.11. Our sunrise this morning came at 6:50AM and will set this evening at 5:29PM.

Woke up this morning to a violent argument between an otter and a coon. They were going at it under the bedroom window. Their vocalization are distinct, the otter being deeper and more dog like, while the coon twitters. They were fighting over something. When we get these spells of drought, when everything drys up, the wildlife comes out of the cypress swamps and invades the town. No trash can is safe, no fruit, no vegetable. They come looking for food and water. Natures way. I wish it would rain, and rain a lot!

I am back to work on the "9" 's this morning. No great shakes there, just same old same old. Let's see what this old world is going to throw at us today.

So I finished up 8 of the "9"'s. I will try and get up early tomorrow and finish the remaining 4. Sherry had to run into town for a wash tub faucet, and some Cuban bread. She returned to the studio, and went straight into her studio to continue work on her inventory replacement projects. No great shakes. Just regular stuff.

We stopped at 5 and went for our walk, a long one back through the scrub to an area we had not yet walked this year. It was pleasant. The air was fresh and clean with a few clouds in the sky. We returned home and Sherry fixed a meal of sausage, sweet potatoes, and a great salad with fresh avocado. Sherry has been cooking all day, in preparation for the big Thanksgiving dinner with the Langfords tomorrow. She has been slaving away on the main course and all of the fixings, plus salads, desserts, and hors d' oeuvre's. She is an amazing woman, who is a great hostess, chef and entertainer. I love her so much, and would be lost without her.

We got some very bad news today. Sheila Farrell
passed away yesterday. Very sad. She was only 52 years old. She was a friend from long ago. She leaves a young daughter, and will be greatly missed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunshine and clouds mixed today, with a High 84F and a Low tonight of 58F. The winds are East.Northeast at 5 to 10mph, so we will have a nice breeze throughout the day. The Relative Humidity is 83% and the Dew point is 64F. The Barometer is steady at 30.18. Our sunrise is 6:49AM and will set tonight at 5:29PM. Our full moon will raise tonight at 7:20PM. I will try and see if I can't get a good photo of a Palmdale moon rise.

Well, all of the biker boys are down from the cold north lands. These old boys stay at the Sable Palm Campground down the way, and every morning they ride their bicycles en mass to the post office next to the studio for the campground mail. These fellows are a riot! Vern from Virginia Beach, Al from Pittsburgh, Len from the U.P. of Michigan etc. etc. What a great bunch of fellows. It is good to see them again, year after year. You never know who will or will not show up. Most are Vets, Korea and Vietnam. All retired, and all pretty dammed funny. It is great to see them again.

Sherry is off to the big city today, to get her provisions for Thanksgiving Dinner. She has gone out to Joel Road and gathered up fresh citrus. Now she is shopping at the Winn Dixie. I am working on glass when I can get away from company. Harley stopped by with fresh bell peppers. He is getting windows, a roof and a central air system put in his house. This is a Department of Energy grant given to folks with older, energy inefficient homes. Harley is Happy with the Federal Government, for now. Tomorrow, who knows.

I am cutting and grinding "9"'s for inventory. I will complete a dozen by Friday, I hope. Sherry gathered up her supplies for Thanksgiving Dinner. She will fix her traditional Cuban pork, black beans and yellow rice, and all of the fixin's. It is one of my favorite dinners of the year! Today, as a special treat, she returned home with tacos al pastor y tacos al carne from El San Joaquin Taqueria. These are the BEST taco's ever, very authentic. She surprised me with fresh Flan for dessert. Wow! What a great treat for me. What a great wife I have in her.

Once we finished all of our glass work, we decided to take a walk at the Fisheating Creek Campground. The Campground is run by the same folks who own the Gatorama. They just did get the lease last year, and they have done a great job cleaning the place up, and improving the general condition of the camp. We had a very pleasant walk along the Depot Pond, and later, along the creek. We walked a stretch of creek Blaine & I fished last time he was down. I pointed out to Sherry where we fished, and what we caught. I could almost see him fishing, long lanky kid folded into the bow of a ganoe. Two poles in the water, one with a worm rig, one with a top plug. He hit a nice Bass just off of a cypress along the point, reeled it in and had that big goofy grin on his beautiful face, eyes lit up bright, just like when he was a little boy. It was here we spotted a Limpkin, my 194th bird on my life list (4/4/07). Three days later, on the 7th we spotted bird number 195, an Everglades Kite. We spied this fellow on Lake Okeechobee during a run out of the rim canal. Two new birds in just three days, and both of them spotted with my boy Blaine. That was great fun. My how I miss him.

Last Friday I was in the Port Charlotte Walmart where he and I picked up his licence, rods and reels, and lures for the same trip. I could see him standing there, checking out the action on the rod he selected, looking over the reels. Talking about the different lures. At the time, I took all of these things for granted. I knew this was just another fishing trip. One of many that had gone before, and one of many more to come. Although I am sad I will not get the chance to fish with him again, I am so happy to have had the chance to fish with him that last time. This is a memory that has to last me a lifetime. This is a memory I am thankful for.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It is beginning to feel like Southern California. Same weather every day.
Today in Palmdale we will have clear skies, with a High in the mid to lower 80's F. Our Low tonight will fall into the mid to lower 50'sF. Our humidity is 100% and the Dew Point is 59F. The Barometer is 30.24 and steady. Our winds are from the Northeast at 5 mph. The sunrise came this morning at 6:48AM and will set this evening at 5:29pm. Our chance of rain is 0%.

Up at 5:30AM this morning, to close out the CraftArt show, and Unique Boutique. I did not have a chance to close out the UB, what with the travel, unpacking, and all. So this thing had to be done. The CraftArt was a huge disappointed, but UB cheered me up. I am hoping the CraftArt is not a sign of things to come, here in Florida. I think the crowd was a local crowd, as most of the snow birds do not make the migration until after Thanksgiving. Some not until after Christmas. The local economy is so depressed, it is difficult to squeeze a dollar out of them. There were some few people with money walking around, but no one was interested in what we had to offer. Of the mid level sellers, Sherry and I were a head of the pack, but this is not a show I would do again.

Todd did a great job with the shell pad. The Travel Trailer fits perfectly. Another improvement made. We have been thinking of this since last year, when we parked the KIA there. Now it is done. On to the next project, which is going to be the raised beds, and getting them filled with top soil, and bagged potting soil. Todd is scheduled to dump a load of dirt this evening. This will give me plenty to keep busy for the next couple of weeks. Now I will be able to start my gardens! And the next project? I am still flirting with chickens. I really love fresh eggs. Three layers, and a cock and we will have all of the eggs we need. The start-up costs are cost prohibitive, but I would really enjoy having chickens again. We shall see.

Today, I might get my hands on some glass, and then again, maybe not. I intend fertilizing the citrus trees, and I want to begin cleaning out the creek. Additionally, I have some other yard chores, as the yard is not yet in shape. We are supposed to get some company today, and we have the Jimmy L's coming for Turkey Day on Thursday. I really need to build some glass for the show in Naples this weekend, but I am just not motivated. I am afraid to do something mindless and mundane, and start again to relive regrets and sad memories of things that could have been. I will never get anything done, if I can't stop dwelling upon these things I can not change. It is just that, I miss him more now, then ever.

Citrus fertilized and watered, as is the star fruit, pomegranate, mango, and the bananas. I had transplanted three bananas last Friday, and they needed watering. I also transplanted Spider Lilly's from Maryland last week, and they also need watering. Once finished with these chores, I stopped for two hours and visited with Jeff G. and his daughter and three grandchildren. Jeff and crew came over from Lehigh Acres where they have property. They left at noon, and I went straight back to work on Sherry's welfare garage. That done, we took a walk around town. We hiked out to the creek via the shell road and got some good shots of two different gators, and a white Ibis. The cypress swamp is beautiful this time of year. It will be more beautiful once the rains come, and the water comes up.
On the way back in we visited with Gator and Evelyn. Milt came by to say hello. We chewed the fat for a minute or two, and then Sherry and I were off to the house to have dinner and get ready for bed.

I do not know what tomorrow will bring. It is time to get back to work on glass. I laid out my tables this afternoon, and Sherry is already grinding. It is time to get at it. Life must go on. I can not continue to "piddle" around, making work, and staying busy for the sake of staying busy. I need to focus, and seriously get back to my art. I need to paint, and I need to build inventory. I have to stop mopping, and get back at it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today we will be partly cloudy with a High temperature of 83F. Winds will be out of the East/Northeast at 10 to 15mph blowing in off of the east coast, so maybe some rain will come with it. Our Low tonight will be in the high 50's F. The relative humidity is 100% with a dew point of 63F. The barometer is steady at 30.23 inches and steady. Our sunrise will come this morning at 6:46AM and will set tonight at 5:28PM. Our chance for rain today is 20%.

Today is to be the day for the Florida Guild of Craftsman, CraftArt. We have our fingers crossed. I am going to close out yesterday, gather up Blue, and probably walk down to the yacht basin for the sunrise. We shall see.

A nice 20 block round trip down to the yacht basin. The roads were blocked for the marathon race this morning. Another part of the festivities. I went alone this morning, leaving The Blue Dog with Sherry in the trailer. I got just a few shots, as there was a big cloud bank hanging over the east coast, preventing a really good sunrise. Back at the trailer we had some coffee, and than over to the show.
Slow sales all day, but I enjoyed visiting with Larry E and Jimmy L for the better part of the day. Sales were next to nothing. We started pack up at 5 and were done within an hour and a half. We stopped for dinner at fast food and were home, showered and ready for bed by 10PM.

Todd got the shell pad in for the RV while we were gone. He did a really good job. Tomorrow I fertilize the citrus, and get to work on replacement inventory. Our neighbor from Abell Maryland is coming by to visit tomorrow. Jeff G. purchased some property over in Leigh High Acres. It will be nice to see someone from home. This Thursday, Jimmy & Connie are coming over for Thanksgiving Dinner. I will be a busy week for all of us.