Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yesterday, we began the day with a trip over to Todd's to look at the fiberglass shed he has offered us. I measured it up, and we headed to Sebring to get materials. Once we arrived at the Lowes, and I started shopping, it became apparent I was not going to be able to build the coop I had envisioned. The costs were prohibitive. I settled instead on a floor package for the fiberglass shed, and headed south. We made a stop at the Habitat for Humanity and Tractor Supply. We got what we needed to complete the pen, and get a really jump on the laying box (not coop now). We arrived home, Sherry made Pressed Cuban Sandwiches for lunch, and we started in earnest on the raised beds and coop/pen. I completed all of the repairs to the kennel, got it in place and everything bolted together. I sprayed undercoating along the bottom rail, and dug a 6" trench all the way around the kennel. Once the ditch was dug, and the kennel placed in it, I replaced the dirt, and got started on the wire roof covering. Sherry was working away on the raised beds. She got all of the pole bean starts, tomato starts, squash starts, onion sets, peas, lima beans, egg plant, and corn starts, all planted in two raised beds. After she finished, she started filling the two remaining beds. She is quite the worker she is. I got the fine cover on the top of the pen (again, with Sherry's help), and all of the wood blocking done. I have a few things to do on the final varmint proofing, and then I am ready to start the laying box.

Today, Sherry will continue on the last two raised beds, and I will go collect the chickens, and gather up the last of the materials necessary to complete the boxes. By the end of the day
we should be done, and ready to move on with some glass.

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