Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mostly clear today. Very cold this morning. We had our Low of 40F at 4AM. Our High today reached 71F. The relative humidity is 51% and the dew point is 39F. The Barometer is 30.08. Winds are West at 5 to 10 mph. Our sunrise came at 6:58AM and our sunset came at 5:29PM. The chance of rain is 0%.

We were up this morning at 4AM. We packed up and headed over to the east side to our show in West Palm Beach, and the PGA. We arrived at 7AM, right on time for set up. Except, we were one week early! Now that was funny! We laughed it off, and headed back across the bottom of Lake Okeechobee. We stopped in Clewiston to see the Bananna Hombre. Yes, he had no bananna's, but he did sell these two pitiful bunches for $6. They are excellent. He promised to have some next week, so we will be set with plenty of fresh bananna's for the Holidays.
We continued west, across SR80 into LaBelle, and went to the farmer's market. We picked up some fresh veggies, and headed back to Palmdale. We spent the rest of the day finishing up the coop/pen. Sherry painted the coop while I built Pinky the Pigs fence and gate. It really looks nice. Tomorrow we are going to plant a flower bed in front of the pen.
We are already getting eggs from the chickens. We got one blue egg yesterday, and two from the frizzies today.

We got the frame put up around the beds. It worked great last evening. We will see how it goes tomorrow night, when it is predicted to go into the low 30'sF.
We took our walk at the end of the day into the scrub and over to the homestead. The oranges are still not ready yet. We did get a nice Queen Palm. I think I will take the shovel over tomorrow, and get some plantings for the flower bed at the pen.

All in all, a good day.

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